The Plan

Whether your Covid-19 volunteering activities have wound down, or you continue to be active, we want you to send us photographs, videos, audio clips, animations, stories and any other content you would like to create, which captures the positive difference you are now making in people’s daily lives. This might be done through recording a short interview or conversation, taking a photograph or video that captures the Sligo sense of community. It might be key statistics on how many your local community response group might have helped or quotes from the people who have received help, or it may a graphic or blog post you want to create – the options are limitless.

By showing how you have played an invaluable role in keeping our society moving and our most vulnerable members safe, you can encourage others to join you.  Share your story, encourage your friends to get involved.

We want each of your pieces of content to cover one of the following:

  1. Volunteers with registered community groups
  2. Individual neighbours taking care of people in their local community,
  3. Helpline staff who work around the clock to coordinate community responses to help those who call in need
  4. Recipients of volunteer work (i.e. healthcare staff given homemade masks, people who have had shopping delivered, getting friendly call support)
  5. Unexpected outcomes – new friendships, less help needed than scheduled because neighbours are suddenly helping each other much more.

Tips For Creating Great Content

The content you create is very important to us. It will help more people become aware of the amazing work happening in our community. You will help share stories of goodness that otherwise would remain untold. We are excited to work with you!

  • Think of the story you want to tell. New friendships, quirky stories, impact of volunteering actions on both volunteers and the people they supported, relationships across generations etc.,
  • Make sure that story is the focus of your story, photograph, video, or other content you create.
  • Hold your phone steady to avoid a blurred image, tucking your elbows to your side can help with this
  • Hold your phone in Landscape NOT Portrait while you video
  • Make sure you are shooting in good light
  • Keep video length to about 30 seconds
  • Videos must be in .MP4 or .MOV format
  • Images should be no smaller than 796 x 447 (16:9) ratio, either portrait or landscape
  • Feel free to caption your videos and images if appropriate
  • Written content should be no longer than 1600 words, and should also include a photo
  • You can submit more than once, just make sure that every piece of content you create tells its own unique story.

Once you are happy with your story, you send it to and include your Name, Age, Location, email address and phone number so we can contact you if we have any queries. Once reviewed by our team we will upload your content to our networks.