The People

This summer, part-time jobs for teenagers and students are difficult to find in Sligo and across the country.  With travel restricted, the search is on for things to do nearby. Volunteer work offers fantastic opportunities to develop and grow skills as well as building your network of contacts as you play a valuable role in your local community.

The nature of supports offered to the community across this time has been varied. Some have been large scale and well organized, others informal between neighbours. All have had an impact.


  • Shopping supports – helping people to access essential goods and services and medication
  • Friendly call services – helping alleviate feelings of isolation
  • Dog Walking – taking away the stress and worries that cocooners have about looking after pets
  • Looking after our neighbours – simple neighbor to neighbor care, checking in and sharing experiences
  • Meals on Wheels – ensuring older people have access to nutritious hot meals
Girl doing grocery shopping
Box of groceries
Man delivering food during covid