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Sligo Covid-19 Positivity Campaign – ‘Step Up for Sligo’

Data Privacy Statement

 Who we are and why do we require your information?

Sligo Public Participation Network (PPN) is is a network of community/voluntary, social inclusion and environmental organisations based in County Sligo.  Sligo PPN forms the link between these local interest sectors and Sligo County Council.  The PPN is the main way that Sligo County Council and other formal bodies connect with groups active in the county. Sligo PPN is comprised of a committee called the Secretariat and a part-time development worker and resource worker/administrator.  The Secretariat manages the activities of the PPN at County level. They are independent of the Council and are elected by the members of the PPN. The development worker and resource worker/administrator work alongside the Secretariat.

As part of the National Local Authority Community Response to the Covid 19 Pandemic, Sligo County Council set up a Community Response Forum and Sligo PPN was one of the forum members.  Sligo PPN and its members played an active part in the community call.  The aim of the ‘Step Up for Sligo’ project is to target Covid-19 community response groups and other community volunteers through a social media-focused call, encourage them to help create content that tells the story of the positive impact that the community groups and individual volunteers have had supporting the community as a result of the  Covid-19 Pandemic.  Sligo PPN will be collaborating with Sligo County Council, Sligo Community Response Groups, Sligo Foróige and Sligo Volunteer Centre in implementing this positivity campaign.  Members of Sligo Foroige will be actively using their own social media skills to create content for the site – connecting safely with local volunteer efforts in their community and also generating interest and sharing in the campaign. Sligo Volunteer Centre are a project partner in terms of their oversight for volunteering in the county. We will be featuring in the campaign a number of the initiatives undertaken be registered volunteers with the centre.

What type and how will your Personal Data be collected?

 For the purpose of the ‘Step Up for Sligo’ campaign, the type of personal data collected will be;

  •  Images/photos
  • Video content
  • Audio recordings
  • Social media content/handles
  • Names & email contact details

You will be invited to submit data via email, which, if appropriate, will then be uploaded to the ‘Step Up for Sligo’ website or social media postings under #StepUpForSligo.

 What is our lawful basis for processing personal data?

All data provided will be screened to ensure it is appropriate for use before being posted publicly.  By sending content to ‘Step Up for Sligo’ via any of the above mentioned methods you are consenting for it’s use as part of this initiative and by Sligo PPN in general. Consent can be withdrawn at any time by making contact with Sligo PPN at email: or telephone: 071-911 4430 or postal address: Sligo PPN, City Hall, Quay Street, Sligo. F91 PP44

What will your Personal Data be used for?

It is the intention of Sligo PPN to use all content for;

  • Ongoing social media campaign
  • The production of a video montage of content highlighting the local volunteer effort which can be shown at any event organised by Sligo PPN
  • PPN promotional material
  • Development of the ‘Step Up for Sligo’ and core Sligo PPN websites
  • Data may be shared with Third Party contractors for the purpose of the Step Up For Sligo Initiative

 Who will your Personal Data be shared with?

Personal data collected in the form of content under the ‘Step Up for Sligo’ initiative will be shared via social media channels and hosted on the PPN managed websites.  The PPN may need to share the data with third party contractors for the purpose of printing PPN promotional material or the creation of a video montage.

How long will we hold your Personal Data?

The personal data submitted by you for the ‘Step Up for Sligo’ campaign shall be held for a minimum period of two years.  It is intended that imagery shall be used on the Sligo PPN website for a minimum period of 2 years at which stage it undergo review.

Your Data Protection Rights

Further information regarding how Sligo PPN processes personal data and your data protection rights can be obtained from Sligo PPN at;


Sligo Public Participation Network
City Hall
Quay Street
F91 PP44

Tel: 071 911 4430 / Email:

You may also contact Sligo County Council’s Data Protection Officer at;

Data Protection Officer
Sligo County Council