I wish to nominate a very helpful and amiable young boy, aged 13 at the time, who volunteered to bring us “the paper” during Lock-down.
His name is Ultan Bree, & he lives in Strandhill. He turned 14 in July.
My husband & I live in a remote spot up on Knocknarea, about 2 kilometres from where he  lives, and we would both be considered as “vulnerable”.
He brought us “The Sligo Champion” on Tuesdays, and “The Weekender” on Thursdays, and The Sunday Times and The Sunday Business Post on Sundays every week for the duration of lock-down.  I understand that he also delivered the papers to his Uncle and Aunt, Joan and Donald Bree, and others.
All this done with utmost good humour, politeness, and the odd enquiry as to our health, and we so appreciated it. This young man will far in the future, as they say.
Commending this idea of bringing public thanks and appreciation to our volunteers.
Yours sincerely,
Helen and Tommy Devaney.