Here I am an avid reader of the sligo champion and could not miss an opportunity to write in and be part of all the fun of stepping up for Sligo

Here is my Covid 19 story:
It all started on the 15th March 2020 for me when the pubs closed. As someone who liked to meet others in the pub I was devastated  to have to lose this social activity and learn to occupy my mind without the contact with others.
I am so lucky to be part of a small town in the North West of Ireland.Everyone helped me be part of stepping up by helping me feel like we were all in this together. Sore hands from sanitizer and sore heads from worry all became so familiar. I had to put in a new structure and keep myself away from all the negative talk.
I began to go to the local church and say my prayers and visit a local donkey who didn’t seem too bothered by Covid 19 and all the changes it brought. The Sligo Champion every Tuesday helped to reassure me that some things don’t change. When the regional sports complex opened up again it was like a flashlight shining in the dark. When the pub opened up again I was nearly frightened to believe it was going to happen. Even with the new restrictions, it was great to be back in the pub again. But it wasn’t to be for long.
Learning to go with the changes hasn’t always been easy. Some days are better than others.
The things that really helped me get through it all is the chat with neighbours, friends and family. People inviting me outdoors to run and walk and trying to stay positive about what’s happening.
I do believe we’ll get there in the end by Stepping Up and stepping out together. I look forward to things returning to normal
Shane Scully