The Programme was initiated and designed by one of the residents,  Shirley Foley, Chartered Physiotherapist.  The aim of the exercise programme was to keep residents ‘moving’ during the initial Lockdown. A series of exercises were developed into a circuit and 3 circuits were completed during the 30 minute session.  Social distancing was maintained as residents either stood outside their own house or at least 2m apart  on the Estate Green. Shirley lead the  sessions, together with her daughter Maeve.

Despite the fact that Programme was originally only intended to happen during the initial Lockdown of March-June, the programme was so popular with residents that it continued throughout the summer months.

When Shirley is not available, the sessions are led by  Suzanne O’Connor.

After one of the exercise sessions, we starting talking about other ways to keep active safely (whilst maintaining social distancing) during Lockdown, and Kathleen Foley, offered to teach us ‘Line Dancing’.  Kathleen’s patience was definitely put to the test with some of us, but with her excellent teaching skills and perseverance, by the end of the summer months, we had mastered 6 dances.  Deirdre O’Rourke put together a wide ranging Play List and   is now  fondly known as ‘DJ Deirdre’.

In the last couple of weeks, we have started Tai Chi lessons.

Not only were the exercises and dancing beneficial physically, but we also had the opportunity to keep in touch with each other in a safe and enjoyable manner.

The residents of Markievicz Heights showed their true community spirit in supporting one another  but it would not have happened without the support and dedication of Shirley, Maeve, Suzanne, Kathleen and Deirdre.

Marcievicz Heights Fit Exercise