Back at the start I was terrified. I listened to Leo’s adress to the nation and it felt like I was in a old black and white film of people crowded around a radio waiting for world War announcements. This is war and I’m supposed to be a soldier. For the first six weeks I cried everyday I was so terrified. As I live on my own I kept this from my family. Then I got angry as some of my clients just thought the advice didn’t apply to them “oh by God I told them”.

Then I and my colleagues got used to the PPE and things settled. I saw my family from their garden, but I wasn’t allowed to my grandsons communion. I haven’t seen my son in Scotland since the 27th December 2019.  Once the restrictions were lifted in June I was finally allowed to see my daughter and her family in mullingar.

Now here we go again. We are well equipped and we are ready please God keep me, my family and my clients safe.