2020 : A Year of Ups and Downs 

During a very strange time when everything was so negative, Niall Canning, Brian Mcgowan, Sean Power and Paul McNamara turned that negativity into positivity by organising a massive community event named, ‘go the extra mile’.
On Sunday 21st June 2020, St. Johns GAA and Drumcliffe Rosses Point GAA competed in a charity race to help raise essential funds for the Sligo Cancer Support Centre called #GoTheExtraMile. This attracted so much attention, and not only in the two communities but all around the world. 

The novel event involved each football club and its members competing with each other to see who would clock up the most miles over a 12 hour period. The distance then recorded individually and then sent in at the end of the day for counting. This was all done by adhering to the guidelines set out by the HSE. 

The Sligo Cancer Support Centre doing such incredible work, not just in our two parishes, but all over the North West. 

No distance was too small and every little helped on the day. This allowed young and old to get out of the house after being in lock down for many months previous. 

The Sligo Cancer Support Centre was chosen as our beneficiary due to the amount of people cancer can affect, none more so than some of the aforementioned organisers. We felt that, with Sligo Cancer Support Centre receiving only 20% of their income from government grants, they were the perfect choice. The funds raised being spent on delivering crucial support to those who’s lives have been affected by cancer. Since COVID-19 has put a halt on people attending the centre in Sligo, the centre has began delivering counselling sessions to it’s members using apps such as Zoom. The amount of people using the centres services hasn’t changed since COVID began, however the amount of money they have received from funding has. Therefore, this fundraiser will help the Centre to get back on it’s feet when it’s doors open again. St john’s won on the day but the real winners were the sligo cancer support centre and the people of sligo with raising €32000 for the centre. 

The event was a huge positive experience for everyone in what was a very negative strange time. The event will be talked about for many years to come!