Northwest Coronavirus Updates and Support was created to help connect and inform people in the NorthWest during the Covid-19 crisis.

With the Covid crisis and restrictions, people were relying more and more on online platforms for community and information and it was often hard to know where to look.

We saw the need for a space where people could come to with queries and find information but we were also very concerned with the misinformation, conspiracies and racism, and the impact this was having on peoples mental health .

So five of us got together to create a positive group, where to the best of our abilities as ordinary people, we could ensure postings were factual, helpful and welcoming to people of all backgrounds. We hoped, particularly during height of lockdown, to compliment the excellent work of existing community services and networks in place by being able to direct people to the information and services they needed in their areas and hopefully foster a positive sense of community in the process.

There are five administrators of the site :  Ailish, Dilean, Roisin, Ruth and Simon. Between us, we have managed to ensure the group has been moderated and updated every day for the 6 months it has being going. Our ethos is, Is it accurate? Is it relevant? Is it helpful?  We just set that tone and do our best to keep things running smoothly. The heart of the group is its members from across the different counties in the North West who are eager to help each other in any way they can, whether it’s what shops are open, online educational tools or a positive message to raise spirits, anything that makes things a little easier for people – community at its best.

Between the period of April – September the site registered 2141 members (2104 of which are active)
Over this same period the site has had 4334 posts, 6019 comments and 25822 reactions