When Covid began and so many things were cancelled, including the St. Patrick’s events, I felt at a bit of a loss.

I would normally go to the parade and other events and I really missed them.

The Sligo Musicians Online Festival Group started on Facebook and their first event was an online concert on St. Patrick’s Day.

It was a fantastic event with so many of our talented musicians in Sligo taking part. Although it was free, people were encouraged to donate to charities. I’d like to thank all the musicians and organisers, especially Sally Begg, Seamie O’Dowd and John Callanan (John the Map) for all their hard work and for bringing some cheer into the days of uncertainty.

We are delighted that you and others have enjoyed the group.

The main thing for us was a way to stay connected with the community during those difficult days at the start.

We had no idea how many would tune in to that first festival on St. Patrick’s Day. It was great fun.

Sally Begg and Seamie O'Dowd