This voluntary group has been coordinated from our North Sligo Central Logistics Hub by Mary Durcan and Anne Feehily and Marie Casserly. At our peak there were 62 active Volunteers in the group across Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon and Donegal. Some volunteers are making masks and there’s a subset of sewing Volunteers who have been concentrating on making scrubs sets using specialist equipment and skills. All are so happy volunteering their efforts sewing for Frontline Workers and Vulnerable people, in the knowledge that they are making a difference to the community

To date €7324 has been received in donations from people across the country as well as support of €1500 from Sligo County Council. This funding has enabled the group to make over 500 sets of professional standard Scrubs consisting of tunic style top and elasticated trousers and almost 10,000  face masks.

Feedback from people receiving the scrubs has been very positive with one nurse saying “I am so happy with the quality and fit of your scrubs, thank you so much for the hard work. It’s such a positive feeling knowing that your volunteers have our back during this emergency, thank you”

North West Sews Scrubs have been delivered to SUH, Nursing homes in Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo Mayo and Roscommon, Community frontline workers, carers, home help, health professionals, Primary Care staff, pharmacists, vulnerable members of the community and many others across the region.

North West Sews Volunteers are still busy sewing to meet demand and since the beginning of June the group has switched its efforts to concentrate on mask making.

North West Sews masks have also been a fantastic success with masks given out free of charge to vulnerable groups, nursing homes, the Red Cross, families, community groups, meals on wheels, essential workers and people who are cocooning to name just a few. Gardaí across the region have supported the group’s efforts and have helped with logistics to provide deliveries of scrubs and masks when needed.

Almost 10,000 masks and 500 sets of scrubs  have been produced and distributed by North West Sews since March 2020 when the Covid 19 Pandemic emerged in Ireland. 

The success and effectiveness of North West Sews is  a credit to the power of grassroots effort, connectedness, compassion, solidarity and the skill of our volunteers  across the North West  working together to slow the impact of Covid 19 in our community.

Beth Egan

“My name is Beth Egan. I started volunteering back in April with North West Sews. I saw an advertisement locally that they were looking for sewers and I was out of work because of the pandemic. I used to be a nurse and I wanted to do something to help frontline workers, I’d like to think someone would do the same if I was working”.

NW Sews Volunteer in Sligo

“My name is Ann and I made scrubs for the group. My husband got me involved, he saw a poster looking for people with overlocker sewing machines and I have one of them.

Being part of the group has been wonderful and gave me something to focus on”.



Anne Feehily, NW Volunteer

“My name is Anne Feehily, I’m one of the organisers of North West Sews. We are a group of community volunteers in Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal and Roscommon, making masks like the one I’m wearing and scrubs, for people in frontline work and the vulnerable in the community”.